Back on Track + What the Break Yielded

After two weeks of being on a break (with about two weeks less resting than I would have wanted or planned), I'm back to the Book Blogging world to conquer TBRs, obssess over even more books and make everything a lot awesomer! Gosh, it sounds as if I was actually well rested or even refreshed. However, the sad truth is that I was on a break to make more time for my studies and that's what I did. A lot better than I'd planned. For two whole, looong weeks. And I'm more tired than ever before. 

When I decided to put off blogging for a while, I imagined I would have at least a little time for my blog. You know, to schedule up (as I promised), to read more, to improve and update things and come up with new ideas, to become more productive, that kind of thing. Well, life does have the tendency to intervene our plans.

However, if life gives you a lemon, make a lemonade. Honestly, I haven't got the faintest idea how that has anything to do with my situation, but it did sound encouraging. Something I really need right now. Despite my extended preparation for the language exam I feel like it could have gone better, that I can do more than what I showed and that bugs me. Not to mention that little affair with the overthinking. I'm sure you know this, when you are ready with everything, you even checked your answers over and still have a plenty of time. So you start checking it over again. And get hitched at one of the exercises. You are not sure if you gave the good answer, but you do nothing first, because you had better go with your gut. But that one little reply wouldn't stop teasing you. And eventually you correct it. You feel satisfied, relieved even. What a luck that you caught the naughty one. But then later, just to tease you, the correct answer is in the test. And the correct one was your first choice. 

Yeah, that's what happened to me. Again. And it drives me crazy! So now, feeling distraught and disappointed, schedule lackingly and with the same dull system, I scuba dive into blogging, trying to distract myself from minding the exam in the next two weeks while I'm waiting on the results. And what that means for you? Well, an aboundance in discussions, memes and reviews, hopefully a real, consistent schedule finally and occassional spelling errors out of nervousness which I'm apologizing in advance.

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