Geek Girl Witter: Is Every Longer Book Longer Than Shorter Books?

Okay, I admit the title might be a tad bit boggling. But that's just my state of mind after two big tests (History and Geography, right after one another lest we could regain our sanity). What I mean is that to me, some shorter books take longer to read and feel longer than certain longer books. Somewhat better but still not pefect, huh?

Last month, I read We Were Liars by E. Lockhart. It's a relatively short book, tiny on the outside, 228 pages on the inside. Yet, it took three days for me to read it even though I spent a respectable amount of time reading in those three days, I wasn't alone, other reviewers agreed that it felt longer than it actually was.

Then there is The Book of Ivy, a brilliant dytopian I just finished. Now, this one is - while not giant - a thicker piece of my collection. It has a total of 304 pages - 400 in Kindle Edition -, yet I plowed through it in one and a half day. Despite barely having time to read.

I, personally, put it down to the pacing whatsoever. If the pacing is fast, I'll read faster. It's like, instead of me taking up the words, the story drags me on. Then again, The Book of Ivy can't really be labeled fast paced. Not for the majority of the book. Here comes in the size and type of the font. I know, it might sound strange first, silly even, but there are some fonts my eyes process easier than other. And of course, with bigger fonts, I don't have to strain to be able to make out the letters.

There are other, more marginal aspects that have an impact on my reading pace, such as, my mood, how tired and/or sleepy I am, the nature of my surroundings, etc., but I find these two above the most influental. Anyway, I used regard it as a sort of "race". I felt I was less if I read slower than other bloggers. Dumb me. Now, I know it's about fun. It's not a competition. Same with the numbers. And since I realized this, I enjoy both blogging and reading so much more.

What influences your reading pace?


  1. I totally get what you mean! There are some shorter books that I just seem to take sooooo long to get through, and other longer books that I seem to gobble up too quickly. I think it depends on the book and my personal state. If the book is fast-paced and exciting, I'll keep reading and reading without looking up. If not, then I take frequent breaks and the book seems longer than it actually is.

    As for personal state, if I'm wired up and itching to read, then I'll totally blaze through a book! If I'm tired, then I might just go a chapter or two before I need sleep.

    Interesting topic, Cassidie!

  2. I find the pacing of a book totally impacts my reading speed. I actually did a discussion post on this myself in the summer ( I find certain genres lend themselves more to reading quickly, especially if it has a lot of action, which feels like it's moving fast.

  3. I can stay glued to a slow-paced book, too, but then it's got to be one heck of a story, world-building and characters.

    Thanks for stopping by, have a nice week!


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