Books With Girl-Guy Friendship

I've read many books with insta-love in the past few weeks. Way too many. And it got me thinking if there are any books out there with girl-guy friendship. I mean, between relevant characters. Preferably main characters. So I scrolled through my 'Read' shelf on Goodreads and came up fewer books that I would have expected or liked to. Out of 136 books I found 5 that passed my restrictions. (If we count all the books in a series, then there are obviously more, but I only regarded one book per series now.)

Katy - Adam
They weren't best friends, but they stuck out for one another.

Nora - Scott

Tris - quite a few of the boys. (ex. Uriah, Will)

Cara - Nick

Cadence - Johnny

I would like to close it off by saying that girl-guy friendship is great! We need more of it in books. We really do. Not everybody has to be swoon worthy and boyfriend material. Please.

What books have you read with girl-guy friendship in it?


  1. Even though they aren't all MAIN characters, Roar and Aria in Under the Never Sky and Juliette and Kenji in Shatter Me are such great examples of girl-guy friendships! And they're pretty important characters, even if they aren't main. You're so right though, we need more of this! Actually. I just read a book that the main guy and girl are friends and just friends. I don't know if it'd be a spoiler to say it though, even though it is pretty clear there isn't romantic interest. Great topic!

  2. I have yet to read Under the Never Sky, but how could I leave out Juliette and Kenji? Thanks for mentioning them. :)

  3. I totally like it when I see friendships and not romances in the books!

  4. We also have Simon and Clary from Mortal Instruments though, in City of Bone/Ashes, Simon did have feelings for Clary! But then, thank goodness, the love triangle didn't drag! Simon and Clary are really great best friends!


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