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Hey there! Thank you for considering to have your book featured on my blog! :)

I currently don't accept review requests!

About the blog:

I started Rebook424 on February 14, 2014 and have been running it single-handedly ever since. I usually post every day, aiming one post a day, however, if I host book tours/cover reveals/blitzes/etc., then it might be more. I feature book reviews twice a week, usually on Monday and on either Thursday or Saturday.


I check my emails every day, therefore you may expect an answer in a maximum of three days. Although, I'm open to requests, I do have the right to decline your offer. Also, I offer you an honest review, therefore I do not make it look either better or worse so if you don't wish to receive a review under 3 stars, please inform me in your request. I'm also open to featuring authors via guest posts and interviews. I'm happy to participate in book tours, cover reveals, blurb tours, blitzes, giveaways, etc., so please feel free to contact me.

Review Policy

If I accept your request to review your book, I would like to clarify that there is no guarantee on when I can post the review. I give priority to the blog, but I also have a lot of schoolwork to do and I have a life outside of blogging as well so I might go away for a few days, etc. :) Anyway, I will still do my best to post a review as soon as possible, and if possible, a date close to the release date of the book. Furthermore, if it is urgent, I will try to find a way to fit it as soon as possible. I usually cross-post on Goodreads, Amazon, Barnes&Noble, but can do so elsewhere, too, if required. I will share the review post on Twitter, Pinterest and Tumblr and will email you once it is up!

Please noteIf I find that an ARC/eARC doesn’t work for me for some reason, I do reserve the option to DNF (did-not-finish). If this is the case, am willing to feature the book via spotlight post which includes:

  • the cover of the book
  • the blurb
  • buy links
  • about the author
  • author links
  • excerpt*
  • giveaway*

* Only if requested.

Please do not send your book in the review request, only if I accepted it!


I would love to review your book if its genre is

Young Adult/Teen

Science Fiction
Mystery & Triller

I consider reading

New Adult

I do not accept


Formats I accept

Kindley format 

I will accept published books as well as yet to publish books.

Rating System

     Epic. Absolutely all time favorite. 

    Loved it for the most part.

   It wasn't that bad, but wasn't so good, either. It didn't ignite stronger emotions.
  Er. Not really nice. I wouldn't recommend it.

 I want to forget that I wasted time on this book...

- (No stars) DNF

Contact me

You can choose among several options to contact me. You can use the form onthe Contact me page, the email me button on the right sidebar, among the other social buttons or you can email me using this email address: rebook424(at)gmail(dot)com.

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