Author Q&A with S. M. Knowles

In June not only did I host the cover reveal of Unusual Awakening, but also participated in the release day blitz for it. It was my pleasure though, since S. M. Knowles forged one heck of a debut novel. So today I'm super excited to have her for a Q&A!

Q: Your debut novel is Unusual Awakening. How did you come up with the idea? What inspired you to write it?​

Originally my first book wasn't going to be paranormal. I wanted to write about the strife teen girls go through when their parents are away in the military, but my imagination decided to take off. I didn't have the books in place until I finished the first book.

​Q: Unusual Awakening is a YA paranormal novel, featuring witches. Is there a specific reason why you chose witches to add to the story?

I think witches bring out a different depth some people don't see. There are many witch type books out there and I wanted mine to be a little different, almost supernatural.

Q: At the beginning of your book, Rylee​ is pretty young, only thirteen years old. Was it difficult for you to make her voice realistic for a girl at her age?

It wasn't only because I could hear her in my thoughts pouring herself out to me. I think if I was just to sit here and try to imagine a child that age speaking with me I couldn't. Writing is a whole different ball game.

Q: Rylee is a rather quiet, reserved, but strong girl, who is able to shoulder the weight of taking care of her family even when everything comes down at her. Do you have anything in common? Does she resemble you in any aspects?

Absolutely, minus the paranormal both my parents worked so when it came time to get up for the 1 am feedings, that was my job. Cooking and cleaning was a big part of it too. I let Rylee off the hook a little. ;)

Q: Now, let me ask you about your other novel, that came out in April, Runaway. I have heard it showcases quite intensive emotions - even more than the Rylee Everley series. I wodered if you needed to be in a certain kind of mood to write about such deep emotions?

The cover spoke to me more than anything else. I wrote that book in 6 weeks. I wanted something strong that felt real. No, not all girls have witnessed death, but how many girls left their homes at 18 for a chance to make something of themselves. There's always a reason for our decision and those are what make us who we are.

Q: All of your novel so far are Young Adult. Could you please share with us why do you like writing YA and whether you are planning to write in a different age group in the future?

Runaway is actually NA. She turns 18 in the midst of the book and she's dealing with real world problems as opposed to school. The Rylee Everley Series was written because those are the types of books I love reading. They keep you intrigued without all the language and sex.

Q: And lastly, I would like to ask you if you've got project(s) in progress? Maybe a fourth installment to the Rylee Everley series? Or a sequel to Runaway? Anything? (Please??)

The final book of the Rylee Everley Series is in editing now. I am keeping this book open for future writings if I chose to. I didn't want to close her door yet. I am still thinking about how I want to move forward with Runaway. Obviously we are going to be getting hot and heavy with Courtney and Braxton, but I'm thinking I might write that book mainly on him. We will see. AND, I just started a book called Dream Walker. My goal is to keep this a single book. I've got a lot of eggs in my basket. Just not enough time to get them all out! :) Happy Reading!

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