Sunday Post #19 - Goodbye Summer! And Thanks for All the Fish...

The Sunday Post
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The last week of summer is coming to an end. Is it just me or this sentence really is depressing? At any rate, I didn't hesitate to exploit it to no end with a lot of sleeping, relaxing, and reading of course. (Duh) Which implies not too much mention-worthy things. That beings said, I just must share my super geek. super cool new notebooks. One of them has a couple of lines from Highway to Hell by AC/DC and the other from Singing in the Rain. Each of them features a vintage car next to the lyrics. And there's a third one with an adorable boxing frog. I seriously love them. I also bought a pair of shoes for fancy events. I had needed them for a while now, I'm starting to have a shoe size of Big Foot...

As for more bloggish topics, I'm sorry for missing out on Saturday's post. I had ried, I promise. I'd tried so badly, but Blogger - once again - beat me. I'll make up for it, though maybe not in this form. I'm also going to put up a poll on the blog where you can vote whether to drop ratings or not, ot replace it with a concluding GIF.

On Tuesday, I introduced a few of Video Games Made into Books.

On Wednesday, I talked about Character Development, a.k.a. 3D characters and How to Obtain Both.

On Thursday, I participated in the Guardian book tour wwith an excerpt and reviewed The Winter People by Rebekah L. Purdy.

On Friday, I asked for your opinion on whether to drop my rating system and replace it with a concluding GIF or not.

On Sunday, I anticipated Suspicion by Alexandra Monir.


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