Special Collector’s Editions Of The Lux Series

I found something big today, related to the Lux series so caution, please sit down, you may need it in case you start to feel faint. You ready? Then drums...and...a special collector’s editions will be released and shelved on June 3, 2014. It's so great, incredibly cool, can't wait...but wait. What is it at all? Well firstly, you don’t get just one book on June 3rd, but you get TWO books. There will be two volumes releasing that day. Lux Series Volume 1 (Obsidian and Onyx), Lux Series Volume 2  (Opal and Origin). You can actually pre-order Volume 1 right now, as it’s already up on Amazon by clicking HERE, and you’re going to want these special editions.  And here’s why.
Volume 1 will have not one but TWO never seen before, original material that was cut from Obsidian and Onyx, featuring Katy and Daemon.
Volume 2 will have two Daemon POVs. You’ll get that very special chapter of Opal in his POV. You know, a certain smexy scene from Chapter 33 in his POV, and you will also finally get the last scene of Opal in Daemon’s POV.
This bonus material will only be available in the collector editions.
And that’s not all. There are a lot of cool things you’ll have a chance at getting with these new bound editions, plus surrounding them at RT and ALA coming up next year.

Here is a quote from Jennifer on the covers:

"The collector‘s editions will also be rebound with brand spanking new and very fresh covers. And guys, I’ve seen the covers and not only are they absolutely stunning, they’ve done something so cool with the cover, my jaw hit the floor. They are so different, and I am beyond happy with them."

Since these new volumes are releasing in June of next year, all existing and current paperbacks in the Lux Series (Obsidian, Onyx, Opal, and Origin) will be phased out. That means once the print run is exhausted, no more books will be printed with their current covers. Also the cover for Opposition will most likely match the new collector’s editions of the Lux Series, but it hasn’t been confirmed either way yet. At the same time the prior cover models, Pepe and Sztella, won't be on the covers, not on the collector's editions nor on the Opposition's. They had to make a change in order to get the books into more hands because the old editions often can't be found in book shops so that many people can't read it.
It's not known yet when these covers will be released but probably sometime over the next couple of months.


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  1. You've made me very curious about this series. I'm going to have to search them out and read them!

    1. I'm glad you found it interesting. :) I hope you'll enjoy it, but I'm pretty positive that you will.


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