Sunday Post on Monday #18 - (Sweet) Surprises

The Sunday Post
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Hi there! Sorry for the delay. I went to my grandma's where there was no internet connection. (How did I survive?) It happened quite abruptly, that's why I hadn't informed you beforhand or scheduled posts. Or at least not all of them, My apologies for it, I didn't see it coming, however, I won't go anywhere now that school's only a week away (also: sad face, sad face, SAD FACE!)  Moreover, that certain ARC awkwardness happened, if you know what I mean, so for Saturday I wouldn't have had a review anyway. (Again, sorry.)

Moving on, what does an internet addict do without internet?

After the initial shock, lamentation and wi-fi hide and seek, I did what I love the most apart from the World Wide Web. I read. Not having fallen in love with Guardian (the ARC I was supposed to review on Saturday), I opted for another ARC with a quickly approaching release, Winter People. I don't want to give away anything, especially that you'll get to learn more this week. But I can't help saying I hit the jackpot this month. Yes, even despite that one minor let-downish incident, I definitely did.

I also met my friend there several times over those couple of days I spent at my grandma's. We attended a smaller annual party that one of their friends organizes every year and held a slumber party afterwards with popcorn (which I'm not allowed to eat because of my braces. Hurray! (cue sarcasm)) and series binging. 

And to top of the probably most eventful week - half week of my summer, I was counting down the hours until receiving my exam results. I got them on Friday. And guess what! I passed. I actually freakin' passed.

So without boring you with the tid-bits of my life any longer, let's proceed to the bloggish-bookish part.

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