How Do I Pick My Readings?

It's not an easy exercise to decide whether to add a book to our already 100+ TBR list or which book to get off it next. I myself have over 200 books waiting for being read and sometimes it would be great to just read all of them at the same time, but unfortunately that would not be a good idea for several reasons. :) It's just that there are so many intriguing books and we have to pick one or two tops, furthermore by the time we read it the list has thickened with ten more! So have do I fish one of the Goodreads sea?

1. I read the synopsis:

Never would have guessed, have you? :D Of course I start with reading the synopsis and try to decide whether the story is interesting for me or not. It's an important step for me, but I never choose only based on this, especially that there are some very scant ones.

2. I read a positive and a negative review

It's very important not to read only one side. The best is to read as many review as possible and necessary to get the whole picture, but if I'm lack of time, I always at least read a longer positive and negative review, looking for aspects such as:

- What did they like/dislike in the book?
- How was the world building?
- What were the characters like?
- Was the author's style/writing good?

Every person is different and there are traits that don't bother some people whereas it do others so I also take thoughts on how much a trait would bother or not bother me.

3. I seek out an excerpt

Lately I've always read if I found an excerpt from the book and I did spare myself from a book I wouldn't have liked. Because although the first pages do not tell you how suspenseful the plot would be, yet you can conclude certain things, for instance the author's writing's style which is, at least for me, is a relevant aspect, and it definitely tells you about a bit how good the book can be expected to be. Moreover, you learn some useful information like; whose POV the book is in? All in all, this is something I would recommend you to do.

What about you? How do you pick your next reading?


  1. Well I choose my next book more randomly. Step one for me is usually based off what I read last. I like to go back and forth with my ya fiction (which is often but not always paranormal) and romance (new adult, college romances, whatever) then I read the synopsis. But I NEVER read reviews. funny right, because I have a review blog. But I personally don't want other people's opinions circulating around my mind when I'm reading it, affecting my own opinion. Sometimes I'll read the first chapter, and if I'm unimpressed move on and come back to it later. I try to give all books a fair shot. Someone put their hear and souls into it.

    1. I actually didn't read reviews before I opened this blog, either, and I understand why you don't. It has happened to me quite a few times that I found less joy in a book I really loved because somebody pointed out something and I started to think they were right. Anyway, you're absolutely right. I do give two starts/books (depend on platform), but I try not to pick books I wouldn't like. It's not so pleasant to give a low rating, it it?


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