Videogames Made into Books

You might or might not know that I'm not only a reader (duh), but a gamer as well. Quite an eclectic one for sure, but an absolutely major one. And by eclectic, I mean that I have this little, but rather firm, principle of not playing anything that's got killing as its main goal. Unfortunately that kills off just about half the stock, a quarter of it simply doesn't interest me, so that leaves me with those few way underrated point & click adventure games (i.e. Syberia, The Longest Journey, Dreamfall, Secret Files, etc.), car racing games and simulators.

Before I proceed, I must mention you have to check those adventure games out! They are amazing! It's like you play a full movie and their stories are equally intricate, entertaining and beautiful to books' and to top it off, they don't contain any violence. Okay, maybe a little, but not like in those shooting/killing/slaying whatever games. Just the amount necessary and without blood squirting everywhere. I'm planning to write a whole post on my favorites once as I feel a little like it's my mission to let more people know about them, so hopefully sooner rather than later.

My point is that as much as I dislike most games' violent content, some of them do have a great story. And therefore, I would like to get to know them in depths. But how do I do that without playing?

Drumrolls, please.

I read them.

There. Not hard, huh? I love reading so why not combine it with gaming? It would work even better if I actually got around the books, but never mind. Essentially, it's a good plan. So now that I ushered it this nicely, let's see the books.

(Click on the cover for the Goodreads page)

Assassin's Creed




Battlefield 3


Dragon Age


Mass Effect


Tomb Raider


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