Top Ten Tuesday (6) - Top Ten Blogging Confessions

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. It features a different topic every week, when you can share your Top Ten Books in the certain aspect.

I prefer to use the original picture of a meme rather than create a new one. (See above.) It's not that I'm too lazy to make it, or don't have ideas. It's that, it is the original that was made specifically for this and what is even more important, it creates some kind of custom so that you look at the picture and know what to think  of and whom to identify with it.

I share an awful amount of giveaway tweets. Because hey, if I'm interested in a book and want it, I will go for those extra entries. (And then feel guilty for spamming my followers.) Though in avarage it isn't that much only if there are many books that intrigue me. 

I can't stick to my schedule on long-term. Seriously guys, I'm terrible at this. Even though I do have one, I can't pre-write my posts by more than a week. Even that means a big challenge for me. The worse, I often end up writing them on-the-spot which leads to a bit of a mess and late or missing articles. (I'm writing this on Friday. I'm doing scheduling, yaaaaay. ^^)

I hate am not fond of Blogger. Sorry Google, but the more you do developments the worse it gets. Gmail for smartphones? Thanks for giving back the trash button finally. Play Books? Why won't you search for me? Blogger for smartphones? What the hack  is this? And Blogger for desktop? Disappearing and messy pictures and post arrangement, posting articles immediately that were scheduled, no multiply tabs below one another, and little designing availabilities not to mention the scarcity of templates. Seriously, when did we get one last time? The reason I'm still here though is because I currently can't afford anything else.

I always worry that my reviews are boring. You know, "The story was unique, the plot intriguing and the FMC was kind and nice, yet strong. Etc., etc., etc." It feels the same every single time.

I desperately want to be as humorous as some of the bloggers out there. The other reason why I think my whole blog is boring,,, because I'm definitely not snarky, but not even witty. I try, but then it mostly comes out awkward.

I'm anxious about page views. I'm quite insecure and perfectionist IRL and it reflects on my blogger life; I feel like if I don't have a certain number of page views my blog - I am not good enough. I know it's silly and I'm doing endevours to hone it.

I feel guilty DNFing or giving low rating for ARCs. And feel even more awkward when I email their authors. My first DNFed ARC took two weeks for me to write, just because I didn't want to face the author. I didn't even feature it here. I mean, they gave me their book for free and I can't return anything better than that. Then again, I also can get very mad about them. I seldom call a book 'bad', because it's relative and different for every single person, but there are thos books that are simply ridiculous. You know what I mean? When it's completely irrational or wholly disjointed and so on. Those conceive very, very sarcastic and irritated reviews which - again - makes me feel guilty afterwards.

I get anxious if I don't post every day. I know, I know, too much is annoying, it's not necessary to blog every single day of the week, etc., etc., etc. But no matter how much I recite it to myself it's no use. I get jittery that people will think I'm not caring about the blog and I will lose followers. It's a kind of beginners' thing I suppose. I'm working on it. 

I love badges. Any kind. I love seeing what team you are, what are your favorite books, and most of all where you are a member. I'm keen on exploring new websites (my dad is a programer, I most                likely take after him) and blogs can be sources for exciting new ones.

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