Let's Discuss! Do you read prequels?

This topic is something that irks my mind for a while now. I often see readers gushing about their favorite series' prequels and count how many of them they read each month. And they sound great! Honestly, I would love to read the Selection series' prequel, the Prince and the upcoming one, The Queen. And then there is The Maze Runner's The Kill Order. The only problem I don't read prequels. Or at least on very, very, very, very, very rare occassions. You can now ask why if I'm so interested and the answer is that honestly, I don't even know. Not because I have a kind of weird discrimination towards them though. One reason is because they mainly feature other characters than the major MCs. Once again, I'm not sure why that bothers me. Sometimes I'm not interested in their stories, however, that can happen with any book. Sometimes, I just don't like the given character (ahem, Warner), but that doesn't occur very often. In other cases...I really don't know. And that's all I can hold against them. Apart from these, I only have vague speculations and feeble exuses, like, I begrudge the time for them. After all, I did read a prequel once, but it consisted of six pages for God's sake, I'm not even fully positive if that to be counted as one, thus it would be logical. But yet, do I? 

All in all, I was hoping unraveling the issue, an answer would come to me, but I'm still not sure why I refrain from reading prequels. So while I carry on thinking, it's your turn: do you read prequels? Why? Why not?

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