Those Dang Cliffhanger Endings!

One would think after so much experience she's manned up enough. That she's steeled now and capable of not letting it get to her. But then something like this comes and bang! You're done. You can't stop it.

I'm talking about cliffhanger endings, one of the most controversial aspect of books. Is it good? Is it bad? Is it annoying or a tool of suspense? Should authors forgo using it altogether? Basically, there are two sides; yes and no. (Obviously.) However, it may be a bit more complicated then that. For instance, it's already different if you read the given book before/right after publication or when more of the series have been released. Today, I won't be discussing this issue though. Nah, I'm too biased after The Book of Ivy. Today, I'll be just expressing my despair list the 5 stages of getting over a major cliffhanger ending via GIFs.

1. Confusion

2. Shock

3. Realization

4. Rage

5. Resignation

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