Geek Week Mixoleed (1) - Silliness Dominance

Hi there. Welcome to the first weekly recap of my renewed blog, Geek Girl Obsess which merely three hours ago, when I started the reconstruction of the design, was Rebook424. I talked about this changes coming up and well, we are here now. Anyway, this week I posted a few of those posts you can expect in the future. TV show reviews along with the already established book reviews, and video game related posts like the one I posted about my top ten favorite video games. What I didn't introduce this week, but am going to feature later on are movie and video game reviews and walkthroughs and the same old discussion posts. The design is yet to go under some final honing tomorrow and I'm wondering if this recap name isn't too much, but in basics, this is what I'm doing now. Quite frankly, I'm terrified how it will work out, but I enjoyed this week a lot and I hope you will like it just as much.

As for the title, "Silliness Dominance" implies a tragically stupid event in my life this week. On Wednesday to be accurate. Seriously, this is major dumbness. My battery is pretty battered(...) and it goes dead lightning fast. It leaves me at having to connect it to the charger every evening because it drains completely overnight if I don't. However, I happened to forget about it on Tuesday, just as I forgot that my phone is my alarm clock. You can figure it out on your own now. Got it? Yes. My phone didn't ring, I woke up an hour late and missed my whole first class. It was so infinitely embarrassing. (Just as much as that I misspelled "obsess" in my header. Shame on me big time.)

This week on the blog:

Deliria Updates
Review: Call Me Grim by Elizabeth Holloway The Maze Runner Pre-Release Day Sum Up
My Top Ten Favorite Video Games of All Time

I read this week:



I don't know when was the last time I read three books a week, so now I'm kinda proud of myself. :D

How was your week? What have you been reading this week?


  1. Congrats on the new blog!! Saw your top ten games post!! I'm an avid gamer girl, but wow!! You are missing some really good stuff O_O are you restricted to one particular console?

  2. Thanks. Well, it's technically not new, but thanks. :) Well, yeah. For the most part I play on PC. I don't own anything else, but I have played on Wii, Kinect, (I so loved that) and xbox.


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