Writing Wednesday (10) - Does your WIP work out for you?

Disclaimer: I'm not an author nor am I an editor or any kind of expert. I only can share my aspiring adventures with you, but I do hope, it'll help many other aspiring writers and we can go along the road together. :)

The title might be a bit vague, so let me explain to you what I meant by it befoer we delve into the topic in depths. This is something I share my thoughts on because it has happened to me recently. Well, most of the topics are like that, but it's a bit more. 

Has the following ever happened to you?: There's something you're dying to write about, like a certain type of supernatural creature or a world building you made up or certain scene you wrote and are in love with, the point is that something that wouldn't fill up a whole book by itself. This part is very well worked out and really cool and you're totally falling for it, and you may manage to create characters/setting/ a quite basic story as well to round it out. But soon you get stuck and you keep putting off try and figure out the next step. It's not that you ran into your (first) writers block. No, no, you have plenty of ideas, just....not for this story.

That's what happened to me a little while back. I wanted so badly to write about wraiths, because hey, wraiths are cool and definitely a rare type of animal. And I had this idea with an adopted wraith girl who is a bit like a black sheep, but doesn't know that the reason is so...khm...delicate. Also, her parents are divorced a few years ago and she still hasn't completely accostumed to it. And the main conflict would have been a wraith invasion. 

I had many ideas, but all of them vague, well that is except for the wraith of course, and the protagonist though fit into the story, didn't sit well with me. So I kept procrastinating to find a solution while I kept on writing short stories. Then one day I woke up and realized; nah. It's not gonna work. 

Do I want to write the story? Most definitely. 

Do I need to rest it until the right time comes? Surely.

Why did this happen?: That's something I have yet to figure out. I guess, the problem is that it's too little information or maybe it's not my thing only I don't know it yet. 

Solution: Well, at least that I've got. Put it off. Just do it. Like me, you can come back later, or build it into another WIP of yours. Maybe it will even better like that. Maybe that's what I will do, too, in the end.

If this has ever happened to you; you're not alone. If not, just save this post to your bookmarks.

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