My Reading Habits #1

Hi, guys! I thought I would share my reading habits with you so that you know more about how much time it takes me to read a book and so you will know when to expect the next review and also you get to know me a little bit better. I'm interested in your reading habits, too so please, if you fancy sharing them, leave a comment below.

  • I usually read on the bus and the tram on the way to school and back home and sometimes in the school breaks, since I'm a ninth grander and I also have extracurricular classes therefore I don't have much time after school. (But if a book captivates me that much, I read all the time, no matter what.)

Unfortunately, there are always way more people on the bus in the morning. And in the afternoon. And in the evening.

I read more during the week than at the weekend, but the previous sentence in the parentheses goes for this statement, too.

  • I have a Sony Reader PRS-505, but I love books as in made of real paper, so I still often buy paperback books.

  • Basically everybody has their 'new book method'. Well mine: First I read everything before the first chapter; reviews, publication date, publisher, editor, edition, etc., reference, quote (if there is one). Then I read all the chapters' titles if there aren't titles only "Chapter 1, Chapter 2...", I jump to the end and look have many chapters there are. Then I read the contents, if there are any. And only then do I start reading the book, even if my curiosity kills me by then. 

  • I never read the acknowledgement. I don't know why, I just don't.

  • I never stop reading a book before finishing it. Even if I hat the whole story I can't. I must know how it ends. Yeah, I could just read the end but I can't help myself. Nevertheless, I have laid aside books maybe three or four times in my life. But I swear they were excruciating.

  • Generally, I don't read a book more than once, I can remember them too well. Especially after I read a few pages, everything comes back. Except Hush, hush series what I've read 2/3 times. The first three books two times and the last book once, (if it's not 2/3 feel free to tell me, I'm not good at maths), and I'm feeling an irresistible urge to reread them again, recently. 

  • I don't read more than one book at a time. I'm afraid of getting confused.

I think, this is enough of me for now. It's your turn. ;)

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