Rethought: To Use the Original Meme Pic or Create a New One?

Rethought is a weekly feature here, on Rebook424, where I discuss bookish and not so bookish topics.

On Tuesday and Wednesday the Blogsphere is flooded with meme posts - and their pictures. Some of those pics are identical whilst some of them, though indicating the same type of meme, are individuals. Why? Because the Bloggers are individuals, too, and while some of them prefer to stick to the original emblem of the meme, others would rather invent their own.

As for me, and so you can see it for yourself very well, I use the original pictures with both Top Ten Tuesday and Sunday Suspense and even with Teaser Tuesday on the rare occassions I participate in it. It's not that I don't like to get all creative or I'm too lazy for it, but not even that I'm short of ideas. No. I just like the similar pics' recognizability. Without even reading the text on it, I look at the picture and know; Oh, it's a TTT post! Since I'm the kind of person who's always in a hurry, it's a great asset, trust me on this.

On the other hand, I completely understand who decides to create original ones. It's fun, it's you and it may fit your blog better. Sometimes, I think about joining the other side, however, in the end - obviously - I veto the idea here.

My question is: which way do you prefer? Why?

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