Review: The End of You and Me by Wendi M. Lee

I have a good and a bad news. As the good one won't make much sense without the bad, I will start with the latter. I still haven't finished Days of Blood & Starlight. I found that I was making such a slow progress, because I couldn't get into it right now. I should be able to concentrate for one, it's to complex to keep up absentmindedly and also I could not enjoy the distinct world in this state. (Am I sick? That has never ever happened before.) However, I realized something else, too; for the first time in forever (There'll be music, there'll be light...) I was acrually craving for contemporary. Something though-provoking, and deep and dark. Thus I ended up at The and of You and Me, an ARC I received a while back. (Cue I received an ARC from the author in exchange for an an honest review.) So here we go.

21948123Genre: Young Adult, Contemporary
Publisher: Createspace
Publication: April 18th, 2014
Pages: 136

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Sixteen year old Kate can't live without London. Their friendship is intense to the point of obsession. Nothing else matters: not dating, college applications, or her military father's disapproval. When beautiful red haired Anastasia sweeps into town and becomes fast friends with the pair, life changes forever. Suddenly Kate's quiet world is threatened.

What makes an honor student like Kate snap? Is it a redhead armed with seduction and lies? And how far will either of them go to get what they want?
Kate and London have a fairly tranquil life; going to school, studying and hanging out with each other every day. It's been always like that, just the two of them together, best friends since forever. However, when a new, girl, a crazed red-head strolls into the school and into their lives, their safely built world seems to turn up side down.

The End of You and Me was a quick read. I absorbed it all at one sitting, and not just for it was rather short, but because  it was a real page-turner, full of conflictions and mysteries that I felt I must find out and so I went on and on and on. 

For one, Kate's overly strict and protective father never gave me a rest from worrying when Kate disobeyed; whether he would find out about it and if yes, what harsh punishment would he come up with this time as he was utterly cruel concerning punishments, or his daughter anyway. He was the kind of person who felt the need of ruling the whole house, because he was the father, the man, he deserved it and, of course, it was for the better of all. Only the love was missing from the so-called effort.  He was particularly dour when it came down to London, Kate's best friend, who was a boy which was enough of a reson for him as it is, though there was probably more to it as he never approved of him, not even when they were too young to have serious feelings for each other. But what, I didn't really understand, since we didn't get much of an explanation, well that is apart from that he used to be a military man, though as it is, that should not be a reason, in my opinion. At any rate, he fairly pissed me off with his incredible attitude.

The core of the mystery was the new girl, who was a strange and confusing character, not in a neccessarily bad was though. She was spunky with his careless attitude towards school, "flirting with literally(!) everybody" character , drinking, inexlplicable experience that allegedly happened to her once and being part of an occult, but seemed nice to our two MCs nevertheless. Kind of. She talked to them, defended them when they were bombarded by bad rumors and even helped them with a pretty big favor. I was never really fond of Anastasia, she was too demented for my taste, yet I do think there was a lot more to her character that could have been brought out. For instance, there was never a decent explanations for the mystery around her, though I see that it was necessary to get a better picture of her behaviour, which, by the way, also ended up unexplained. On the whole, I would have liked to see more to her.

There wasn't much romance in the book. The insecure and afraid -of-change Kate and the protective and always kind London were cute together, but that was all. The chemistry was missing completely. Albeit, the fact that they sticked together without the usual drama when they both changed and evolved as the circumstances became different was refreshing. 

What wasn't refreshing, however, was the ending. It was as if things got out of hand and went in a direction that was somewhat unrealistic and unestablished. It sort of just happened. It occured more than once in the book, but unfortunately, this was the biggest and worst of the array.

All in all, it was definitely not a bad book. If it were, I wouldn't have read it in merely five and a half hour. Despite its faults, it was enjoyable and thought-provoking and I would recommend it if you feel like getting emotional. 

Cover: 5/5
Characters: 3;5/5
Plot: 4/5
Pacing: 4/5
Romance: 3
Style/Writing: 4/5
Originality: 4.5/5

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