Let's Discuss! Do you read book after book in a series or take a break between them?

There's a lot of aspects concerning series to be discussed, however, today I ask you about whether you read book after book in a series or read something else and then continue it some time later.

Personally, while before blogging I always read a series at the same time, as long as I intended to read the whole of course, now sometimes it happens that I break it off. Since now, although I don't have a strict reading schedule, I do get ARCs and some books are more imperative to be read than others (e.g. when I finished reading Daughter of Smoke & Bone I loved it and there was a pretty major cliffhanger as well, but just then City of Heavenly Fire came out and I must read it) therefore it's not always possible for me to finish the given series all at once. However, it also depends on how much I liked the book and whether there was/how big the cliffhager was at the end of it. If I can't read the whole series at once despite how much I would love to, I usually try to fit the next volume in as soon as possible and then the same with the next and the next and the next.

That's how I can do it, however, I do prefer to read book after book in a series. It allows me to get into the story and the world much thoroughly and to get to know the characters a lot more.

Though there is another aspect. If you start to read a series when it first comes out, you can't help but to wait for the next book and after that repeat it with the third one and the fourth and so on. In that case, it's impossible to read the whole series at once, albeit it's also true that you can always re-read the previous installments to refresh your memory. Then again, accoring to a survey, most book bloggers re-read less because they have new books to review. I don't so it either even if something is as complicated as The Mortal Instruments. Thus some readers choose to wait until the whole series and only then start reading it, but I'm too eager if I find something excited to do that so I just hope I remember enough.

Let's Discuss!

So what's your method? The whole at one time or take a break? And do you wait for the whole series to come out or pick the first book up as soon as it comes out like me?

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