Let's Discuss! The Adults-Reading-YA Issue in My View

You now probably think something like "Oh. This one again. I've seen this already like everywhere." I know. I can feel your pain, sister. 

All I've been seeing for the last few weeks are these articles. The article and then a looong series of posts centered around the exact same topic; I'm an adult. Should I read YA or shouldn't I read YA. I mean, I understand that this is an issue and an important debate for, you know, an adult and I read that article which probably emanated this whole chain of similar posts and it was infuriating. It was abating and ignorant and rude. It was sheer shaming. But it was only an article of a bored, sour person nevertheless, who had run out of intelligent topics, yet had to write something since that's their job and decided to humiliate a genre they didn't like. They don't like it and put it in a rather ape way, but you know what? Their loss. We know better. 

Unfortunately though, the blogger community fell into the trap and a chain of Adults-Reading-YA posts followed. It still does and after two weeks it's staring to get somewhat annoying and redundant. It is a topic that's important and needs to be discussed, and everybody has the right to share their opinions with the world. But sharing the same opinion in a tad bit different cover is - again - unnecessary. What about sharing the article you agree with on a social site? If there's something that hasn't been mentioned or you disagree with you still can add it to it in comment. 

I've been pondering a lot whether I should talk about what I feel or not, not just because it's hard for me to speak up and tell people my opinion, but because I'm not sure if I'm eligible for it; I'm fifteen, this predicament doesn't involve me and you might think I'm ranting here ignorantly and rudely and I don't understand. But why I did decide to write this is because I want to understand, I'm open to different opinions, and because I am looking for different - as well as similar ones and because it's a blog which is for discussing things. And in one aspect I'm just as involved as You; I will grow up and I'm afraid I might not be able to relate to them as I used to. I hope I will though, I'm going to do everything in favor of it because I believe it's not a matter of age what you read. It's a liberate world, you read what you want and you must not be judged by it. In fact, that's the point of this whole rambling; You are free to read whatever you want whenever you want without feeling bad.

Let's discuss!

  • Are you tired of this many posts about the same topic?
  • How do you take it, reading YA as an adult? (If you do read YA as an adult)
  • If not, why not?
  • Teens, what's your opinion?

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