Book Highlight + Giveaway: Cruentus Coniuro by J. Gairaud


Genre: Fantasy, romance, supernatural
Publisher: - (Indie)
Publication: March 18th 2014
Pages: 141

Formats: eBook, Kindle Edition
Purchase via: Amazon


The lives of the Duke's daughters go by as pleasantly and normally as the lives of any two young girls who can each sprout a wing from their backs can: They enjoy dances, festivals and the attentions of young men, and then discuss all about them perched on the top of the old cemetery's church. However, everything changes with the arrival of a man, entangled in a battle between primal forces he can barely comprehend, and a dark woman with blood-red eyes.

About the author:

Jackie was born to a family from many different places in the world (of Jewish, Spanish, Polish, French, American and Mexican descent), which sparked and intense curiosity about all the comings and going of people around the world leading her to study History and Anthropology, along with as many languages as her head can keep inside. Naturally, she also has a great love of travel and will be visiting Italy for the first time very soon!

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