2014 Book Blogger Summer Reading Program June Wrap Up


One month is already gone of summer and so the first month of the 2014 Book Blogger Summer Reading Program is, too. Though for me it was rather only half a month as I joined in on the 12th. At any rate, it's time to see how much I read this month and whether I met my goals.

My plan was to read 5 books which was about 1 book half a week. These five books were...

But that looks awful. Look at the little marks on the right. They say I only read two books out of five. :(


Ahhh...So much better. I met my goals and everything is bright and shine. But wait a minute. What happened?

Well, unfortunately some of the books I was planning to read didn't work out for me. At all. Having been in a smaller reading slump, the incentive was missing to push through thus I moved on to another books, books that I was hoping to find that enthralling factor that makes a book unputdownable. And eventually I did find it in The Selection. Oh boy did I. I finished the whole series in half a week. Then since I skipped on two ARCs (Cruentus Coniuro and Fiefdom) I felt I needed to get on with them, but Fiefdom didn't seem any better so I picked up another one that had been laying neglected in the pile. Thus I ended up reading City of the Fallen which I really liked, however, since it's an adult book, I won't review it. I did like it as a whole, yes, but there were some aspects I did not and I'm not sure whether it's because I'm not there yet, or because it was really lacking that quality.

Take a look at what I thought about the books;

Also, I'd like to introduce some changes that have been made on the site for your comfort, Dear Reader. As you can see, I shortened the right side bar a little bit. From now on, my favorite books and teams can be seen on the About Me page, and the tour host badges and some other memberships of mine are visible on their own tab, Tour Host at & Memberships. I hope the changes will make your time on the site more enjoyable. :)


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