Writing Wednesday (4) - Keep Going

Disclaimer: I'm not an author nor am I an editor or any kind of expert. I only can share my aspiring adventures with you, but I do hope, it'll help many other aspiring writers and we can go along the road together. :)

Last week, I was talking about how to start writing your first novel and now I'll be giving a short guide how to keep going. It's not always easy. Nay! It's pretty difficult as far as I have heart even for authors sometimes let alone people who work or spend 8 hours at school.

#1 Have a rest

It might look a bit strange right at the beginning, but I'll explain it. After a long and exhausting day you don't have to, you cannot start writing right away. It takes a lot of mental energy hence you need to be fresh and as awaken as it's possible. However, rest can be a short span of time when you don't do anything tiring, maybe you eat dinner for instance, but it can also be an hour long nap. You must feel what you need and don't be afraid to take as long as it's necessary.

#2 Get into mood

It's hard to write the saddest moment of your novel when you're over the moon, write something funny when you feel all gloomy, or something scary if you feel dauntless and vice versa therefore it's an important step of writing to get into mood. If you are in the mood of writing it'll come a bit more easily and so you may start jotting down those lines. As for me, I reach it with listening to music (and won't stop it until I'm finished), but you need to find your way to do it to make it as effective as it can be.

#3 Get/stay inspired

It happens to everybody - sometimes we just run out of ideas, or don't exactly know how we want to imagine a certain character, situation etc. Fortunately though, we can help that pretty easily. You can get/stay inspired with any kind of art, listen to music that matches your writing, look at pictures what have common points with your characters, and read read read. Because what could be a biggest help than another piece of the same type of art?

#4 Turn off everything distracting

Most of the people (me too) are easily get distracted by basically anything. To lessen the temptation you should turn off everything disturbing; the tv, the radio, put your phone away, and close all the windows on your computer. Well, except from the program you are writing with. If you need Internet to your writing, have a completely clean browser with only the necessary websites open. It's the best if only one tab is open and you only open other sides if they are needed at the moment.

#5 Set up a daily and a weekly word minimum

If you have a goal you are more likely to fulfill it than if you write when you feel like without limitations. To have a certain number of words you want to fit helps you to progress evenly. Beware though, it must not be too many, since then you'll probably get tired of it soon and even disheartened if you can't achieve it. Nevertheless, if you set up a smaller goal, the satisfaction and elation of accomplishing it will keep you going. Sounds good, doesn't it?

#6 Write!

When you feel you've procrastinated enough start actually writing. After so much of preparations it'll be easier and believe me if you once get started it will come at you on its own. At least up to a point. Than think and if needed repeat the points until this one and get on with it again. After doing so a few times, you have already written more than a thousand word. (In better cases.)

#7 Do it regularly!

To complete your novel, you need to do this regime quite a few times. If you work/are at school you may not be able to do it on daily basis, but three or four times a week can take you ahead a lot so time is not an excuse anymore. Anyway, this is exactly why I wrote you not only need a daily, but a weekly goal.


You can show off with your progress (and remind yourself/ enjoy how far you've come of it) on your blog/website wherever you can use html with the help of these neat writing progress trackers.

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