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Roth from White Hot Kiss by Jennifer L. Armentrout

Roth is an English, German or Jewish name. There are seven different meanings broken down by origins:
  • the spilling of blood from the warrior class of ancient Germanic Deutsch soldier
  • ethnic name for an Anglo-Saxon, derived from rot (meaning "red" in pre-7th century), referencing red-haired people.
  • topographical name, derived from rod (meaning "wood"), referencing a dweller in such a location.
  • derivative from hroth (from the Proto-Germanic word for "fame"; related to hrod).
  • locale name for 18th century Ashkenazi refugees to Germany.
  • derivative from roe in the ancient Danish language to signify (of) a king.
  • of the red colour of clay, as in pottery (Deutsch)

6644117Meghan from The Iron King by Julie Kagawa

meaning: Meghan as a girl's name has the meaning "pearl" and is a variant of Margaret (Greek): a saint's name. Also a variant of Megan (Welsh): variant of Margaret (Greek) "pearl", based on the short form Meg.

Laurel from Wings by Aprilynne Pike

meaning: It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Laurel is "the bay, or laurel plant". Nature name related to Laura.

Gabby from Surrender the Sky by Meradeth Houston

meaning: It is the short form of Gabrielle, or Gabriela, and is of Hebrew origin. The meaning of Gabrielle is "heroine of God"

Magnus Bane from The Mortal Instruments (and The Infernal Devices and Bane Chronicles) by Cassandra Clare

meaning: Late Latin name meaning "great". It was borne by 7th-century saint who was a missionary in Germany. It became popular in Scandinavia after the time of the 11th-century Norwegian king Magnus I, who was said to have been named after Charlemagne, or Carolus Magnus in Latin. The name was borne by six subsequent kings of Norway as well as three kings of Sweden. It was imported to Scotland and Ireland during the Middle Ages.

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