Bookish Playlists - Tha Maze Runner series

Music is a very important part of our life. I myself played the violin for nine years and attended music school for quite a few years thus music always had been present in my life. Also I'm always listening to music while writing therefore I'm full of different playlists and so it popped into my mind that I could create playlists to books and feature them here. As a result, Bookish Playlists was born, a new feature here on Rebook424. Each week I'm going to post a playlist related to a book, mostly one that I recently finished reading.
And as last week and this week I was reading The Maze Runner series, the first Bookish Playlist is  Maze Runner playlist.
I warn you in advance, I have a pretty quirky taste in music. I listen to from the softest pop to heavy metal and everything between. ;)

Disclaimer: I own nothing. Every right goes to the band/singer and the studio, song writer, recording agency, etc.

It turned out to be (literally) very smashing and some songs might contain swear words. I hope you will like it!

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