Why We Love Reviews (And You Should, Too!)

The Internet is full of reviews. Every second person who loves reading and writing usually runs a review blog and people who are not fond of writing but still love reading, dote on reading them. It's just that everybody knows they are important. But wait...why? Why they are so important? What's more why do we like to read them so much before deciding whether to read a book or  not? Why do we care for reading them if we give the book a try anyways whether the reviewer liked it or not? You may find the answer here.

1. It gives you a more accurate image what the book is about.
         There are longer and shorter blurbs but regardless to whether it's 5 lines or 10 lines it's usually not enough. Mostly they only contain a few witty and gripping slogan, but not real information. Is the atmosphere melancholic or convivial? What is the FMC (Female Main Character) like? Is it full of action or hella dragged? Let alone the POV and the writing style. All in all, you have no clue whether it would suit you or not. However, reviews offer information about all the above mentioned queries and can help you make the big decision.

2. It's interesting to know what other people think. 
          Don't you think? At least I love to read other people's reviews and know what they think? They loved the same book I did? Let's rave together? They didn't like it? I try to get their point, what they didn't like. It gives me a different perspective. Sometimes it puts me off even if I love the book and that's not very pleasant, yet it's important not to just rave about it and adore it but have a full verdict on it. 



3. Share the experience
          As I already mentioned I love to rave (or fume) over a book with other people. Especially people who know what I'm talking about. Hands up guys, who knows the feeling when you're praising a book to the skies and your classmate/friend/boyfriend/family member looks at you dumbly and you swear, inside she or he keeps asking one question: What the hack is her/his glitch? It's so much more exciting when you find somebody who shares your amazement and knows exactly why you are drooling over Deamon for hours. 


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