Which scenes from ‘The Maze Runner’ book are featured in the movie teaser stills?

I found a rather interesting comparison on Page to Premier about the movie trailers/teasers and the book scenes.

Disclaimer: I haven't read the book so I couldn't do this. Every rights are in the possession of Page To Premier. Although I didn't copy the whole post, it's not my writing, every line is a quotation I only channel it to you so that more people can see it!


First up is this fantastic shot of Thomas and Minho in the Maze! And my, does the CGI look breath-taking in this, it has us all wondering just how fantastic the entire Maze itself looks in the film, and the Grievers too! So, from looking back at the book and how certain Maze scenes are described, our guess here at Page To Premiere is that this is when Thomas and Minho spend the night in the Maze, getting chased by Grievers and the first time they find the cliff that the Grievers fall down in. Exciting stuff!

tmr still 2

Second up is my personal favourite! A stunning shot of British Actress Kaya Scodelario, who plays Teresa in the adaptation! From the blurry background we can tell that there are many computers and screens behind Kaya, which can only mean that the Gladers have surpassed their battle with the Grievers and down the hole, and are now in the presence of WICKED personnel for the first time –from what they remember.

tmr still 3

Now we have a close-up of one of my favourite characters, Minho! From this serious and pondering shot of actor Ki Hong Lee, I’ve come to the conclusion that this may just be the Keeper Meeting that the Gladers have in order to decide what to do with Thomas after he spent the night in the Maze. This is all guessing, of course, but from the expression on Minho’s face, as well as the others who look to him to speak in this still, it may just be that scene!

tmr still 4

Still four is an easy one, and one that I adore, a full on shot of the Maze walls from within the Glade, kind of makes you feel like a Glader yourself! Here we have Chuck and Thomas, and Chuck is probably giving Thomas a tour of the Glade due to him being a ‘Greenie’ to the Glade. I personally can’t wait for this scene!

tmr still 5

Now this close-up of Thomas Brody-Sangster –who plays Newt- could be of any particular scene, seeing as Newt is a secondary character, but again going off on his expression I’d say it’s early days in the Glade, he seems relaxed and not as tense as he progressively becomes in the book as the plot unfolds. So again, this could be from Thomas’ first few days within the Glade as he digests his environment around him.

tmr still 6

This still really got my excitement going! It’s dark, and all the actors within the scene not only look tense, but frightened, and since Thomas is already wearing his Runner gear I’d say it’s Griever time! For those who remember the day the walls never shut and there was absolute pandemonium within the Glade, this scene feels like the calm before the storm. The fear filled seconds of silence as you wait for whatever dangerous entity there is to come at you, this is another scene that will be so exciting to watch!

tmr still 7

I’ll admit, I never did like Gally much in the first book; he was a nasty piece of work after all. I do, however love the actor Will Poulter, and have no doubt that he’s going to deliver a heck of a performance as Gally when the films released. Again, I think this scene is from when Thomas first arrives at the Glade, Gally doesn’t look too hostile yet, and maybe he’s still attempting to read Thomas here.

tmr still 8

Another shot of the Maze walls from within the Glade! And it looks like the sun is setting here, the walls may have even just shut! And if you look a little closer to your left, it looks like Thomas and Chuck there; it even looks like Thomas is in his Runner gear once again. This may have been Thomas’ first day out there as a Runner, learning the ropes with Minho.

tmr still 9

I won’t lie; I always find this shot hilarious because of Chuck’s face! He looks so confused and alarmed at the same time, whereas Thomas looks intrigued with Minho sporting the same expression, maybe they’ve all just released that another person has been brought into the Glade. Cue Teresa, people!

tmr still 10

Now, this is a great shot of actor Aml Ameen, so simple yet the lighting is wonderful, and again he seems to be another Glader in the midst of pondering. He seems quite sombre, in my opinion, and I came to the guess that maybe this is shortly after he banished Ben. We all saw that it was something he didn’t generally want to do, but to keep order within the Glade he needed to establish rules, which Ben broke. This could be Alby in his moment alone wondering if he’d done the right thing.

So, that’s it! Those are all the latest stills we’ve seen, and we’re getting a trailer tomorrow! *cue screams of excitement*

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