IT Thursday (3) - Best Photo Editing Softwares

IT Thursday is a meme hosted by Cassidie @ Rebook424, featuring mostly blog-related technical tips and tricks that are easy to understand for everybody. These guidelines include how to use certain programs or create some sort of HTML code, how to do this and that on blogger (or WordPress) and so on. You can create your own advice, too. If you want to see the official rules click here.

So This is IT Thursday a weekly meme which is hosted by me and this week I brought you some photo editing softwares. Spectacular design is an important part of a website, any sort of website at all, it is most likely that people explore your blog/site if you have an appealing, pretty web design. Of course it not only consists of the background and header and other fancy stuff, but for now this is our topic. :)

1. Adobe Photoshop

This is basically the most famous photo editor, if you don't know for anything else than for Photoshop fails/disasters. It abounds in tools, likely this is the number one concerning variety, though it costs. And when I say costs I mean an arm and a leg. However if you want to use it professionally it's definitely worth it. Here is a little tutorial. It had a free online version as well.

2. PicMonkey

I found this one when I started blogging. Many other bloggers used it and so I gave it a try. Well, I haven't regretted it. It's great and online (I made my header with it). The only con is that it has a free type of membership and a charged one and some really cool feature is only available if you're the latter.

3. Paint Shop Pro

Probably you all know the good, old Paint which is completely inapt for editing anything at all. Well this has nothing to do with it. It's often compared to Photoshop which I believe says a lot about it. Unfortunately it costs hell a lot, too.

4. Gimp

Personally, I'm not keen on Gimp. However, the problem is probably with me since I've never been able to figure out how to use it properly. Many (neater) people do like it, though and apart from that it is wholly free. You should try it, I think, I'm planning to give it one more chance, too. :)

5. Pixlr

The last but not the least for today is Pixlr, an editor which has three distinct types (Editor, Express and O-Matic) and two of which downloaded for Android, anyways it's online. It's a free one as well and offers a pretty wide variety of tools.

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