Top Ten Tuesday (2) - Top Ten Bookish Things

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. It features a different topic every week, when you can share your Top Ten Books in the certain aspect.

1. A tablet

I would love to own a tablet, so that I could take my blog everywhere. I could even post from my favorite café (sooo cozy). I also have my Kindle and other reading apps (e.g. an audiobook listening app) on my phone, however, it would be so much more comfortable to read on a nice, big tab.

2. A Kindle

As I said I have Kindle app on my phone and I also have a Sony eBook, but a real Kindle would be so cool. I love gadgets (my dad is a programmer, I probably take after him) and I love to get new ones. It's so exciting to explore them! Apart from that, I dote on the app so the actual one must be even more useful and well-designed. And since it can display more words per page the books wouldn't be broken up into 4000+ pages.

3. A coffee cozy

As I already mentioned I love reading in the café. Obviously I love coffee. I would like to have a nice coffee cozy. They are sooo...cozy. And I wouldn't burn my fingers all the time until I get to a table. (Okay, I actually don't really burn my fingers, but it's still inconveniently hot sometimes for them.)

4. Headphones

I have some very poor head buds, but they are always slipping out of my ears and don't drawn my surrounding out properly. 

5. More bookshelves

I have books literally everywhere. I would love to have some new shelves (though I have no idea where would I put them. My room can't really be considered big.)


I'm guilty here, I haven't got any bookmarks. As in none. Although I read eBooks most of the time (so that I can easily carry them all over around) when I do read paper format books I really would need a bookmark. I always forget where I was!

7. $1,000,000

So I could buy all the books I want.

8. Hush, hush inspired necklace

I'm a huge fan of the Hush, hush series (by Becca Fitzpatrick) and I would love to have this necklace:

(I would put the ring on it, too, but I didn't find one that was originally made like that.)

9. A coffee mug

No words necessary 

10. A bigger desk

I would need a bigger desk for my computer, current reading so I can just grab and read while the pages are loading, to be able to eat and blog at the same time, etc. I've grown mine out.

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