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Renée from Twilight by Stephenie Meyer

meaning: The name Renee is from French origins. In French the meaning of the name Renee is reborn.

Mrs. Molly Weasley from Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets by J. K. Rowling

meaning: It is of Irish and Latin origin, and the meaning of Molly is "star of the sea". Pet form of Mary. In use since the late Middle Ages. In the past, "moll" had meant a pro****e or a gangster's girlfriend, making the use of this name uncommon.

Maggie Gardner from Unearthly by Cynthia Hand

meaning: It is of English origin. Short form of Margaret (Greek) "pearl". Used as an independent name in the late 19th century. Popular now due to revival of interest in "old-fashioned" names.

Blythe Grey from Hush, hush by Becca Fitzpatrick

meaning: Blythe as a girl's name (also used as boy's name), is pronounced bleeth. It is of Old English origin, and the meaning of Blythe is "blithe, cheerful, carefree". Modern coinage, though possibly linked to the transferred use of the surname from the word "blithe" during the Middle Ages.

Natalie Prior from Divergent by Veronica Roth

meaning: It is of Latin origin, and the meaning of Natalie is "birthday". Refers to the birthday of Christ, or Christmas. French form of Natalya. There was a fourth-century Saint Natalia. The "h" is silent in the French form Nathalie; some American variants (like Nathalee) are phonetically spelled to retain the "h" sound.

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