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Hi, is everyone really gonna die in the last book of the Mortal 

Instruments? — deansgirl27
Everyone is not going to die in the last book of The Mortal 
I feel like there’s been a lot of character death floating around in 
random media lately (Homeland, Teen Wolf, various) and I have 
been seeing much sad. Which I totally understand because 
character death often sends me off to bed with a fluffy cat and 
an ice pack.
I have said that six people whose names we know will die 
in City of Heavenly Fire. (And there was a big banner that said 
WHO WILL SURVIVE across the teaser cover but to be fair I 
didn’t come up with that one!) And I can see how that would be 
I guess what I can say is:
1) I do think all the deaths matter. None of them happen for 
shock value or no reason or to get across the message that death 
is random.
2) No ladies are fridged.
3) While some deaths might be surprising (?) — there is a big 
war going on so I don’t think the fact that some characters die 
will actually be that shocking. 
4) My goal is not to destroy lives or drown anyone in a bucket 
of feels, just to tell an enjoyable story and create an end point 
that hopefully people will feel does justice to the story that came 
5) I don’t want anyone to feel jerked around. I want things to 
feel earned and meaningful. I am not a fan of nihilism — which 
is not really an overall judgement call, just a preference. The 
ending is not a despairing one. I believe in hope! I really do. I 
hope this calms some of the more trepidatious fears.  I guess 
time will tell — two more months — how it all works out, but 
that’s the goal!
And now, a gratuitous picture of my cat looking at my husband. 
WHO HAS FLUFFY TINY PAWS? (Josh, of course.)"

"The Letter"

Hi Cassie! I have a question regarding The Bane Chronicles: 

remember when there was going to be an instalment called 

“The Letter”? Can you tell us what it was supposed to be 

about and/or why didn’t you end up writing it after all? 

Thanks, and love you! xx — you-are-not-trivial
It didn’t wind up being in the Chronicles because it wound up 
being worked into City of Heavenly Fire instead. You’ll know 
the scene when you see it.
We wound up with Alec and Magnus’ first date instead which I 
think was more fun all around. :)"



Sizzy wizzy. 
[Shoutout to livingbywitchlight, this is for yooouuu!~] 
Isabelle Lightwood & Simon Lewis (c) The Mortal Instruments, cassandraclare

"City of Heavenly Fire signed

Hi Mrs. Clare :) Is there any news on the b&n signed pre-
orders yet?? Will it be a special pre-order? I’m so paranoid 

I’ll miss the link and not get one! lol I would be gutted if I missed the chance to buy the signed copy… My cat is 
named after Church so I’m keeping my fingers crossed I get Church sketch copy when I order! Any update info would be appreciated, and thank you for being so amazing ♥ x — chelle-ma-belle

Could you please make some more signed books. <3 i 
really want one. :P — hippytrippie
Is it still possible to get a signed copy of CoHF? If not, 
where can I order the normal one?


two weeks ago unfortunately sold out in a few days. They 

are gone and they won’t be replaced because what I did was 
sign “tip-in pages” — kind of like what John did with Fault 

in Our Stars — which means signing pages that will later be 

bound into the book when it’s printed. The books are being 

printed now so it’s too late to do more.

I work with one indie bookstore, Books of Wonder, in New 

York, owned by Peter Glassman, that stockpiles signed copies 

of my books — I go in whenever I am in town and sign 

them. Peter has hooked me up with signed Harry Potter first 

editions, so I owe him. Also it’s a fabulous indie bookstore 

that should be supported. :)

I will be going into BoW the day CoHF pubs and signing 

copies for them. I’ll try to put some Church sketches in. If 

you want one, you can always contact the store via email or 
phone and place an order. In fact, they have a big old 

banner about it on their frontpage:

(They do ship internationally, etc, you just have to call 


As for where you can get the normal one: any bookstore, 

Target, Walmart, Costco, Amazon.com."

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