Geek Week Mixoleed (7) - Good bye October

October is over and so is the school break. Sad face on the last day of it. Tomorrow I'll be returning to school, but not without

  • having scored 1277 pages
  • 466 at one sitting
  • slept two nights by a lamp on because of Mara Dyer
  • freaked out over the first part of the season 8 finale of Doctor Who
  • participed in my first Twitter Party
  • danced around my room
  • and played through Dreamfall Chapters
  • wrote tons of Doctor Who fan-fiction
  • delved into animes & mangas
  • discovered new music

Maybe it's not what most people consider an eventful week. Maybe it's not socializing by a couple of shots of tequila or vodka. But maybe I enjoy this kind of racket more. 

This week on the blog:

Who View (5) : S8 E10 - In the Forest of the Night + Missy Dominance

Book Haul:


Do you have any favorite animes? I'm in serious need of recs, here! :D

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