Geek Week Mixoleed (6) - Thrilling Thrillments

So many exciting event this week! School break started, Stone Cold Touch and Dreamfall Chapters released, Doctor Who next time trailer shocked us to the next galaxy and I participated in my first Twitter Party! Ahhh, Beauty on second square.

I also found this awesome, inspiring YouTube channel, called Pandora Journey. (Particularly recommended to fantasy writers.)

As for reading, it was a lousy week for me. I spent a whole day with reading Kindle Samples only and get done very little of actual books.

This week on the blog:

Release Day Blitz: Stone Cold Touch (The Dark Elements #2) by Jennifer L. Armentrout Geek Girl Witter: What's Up with More Series Set in the Same World? Review: Prophecy (Calypso #1) by Julie Anne Lindsey

Read this week:


Book Haul:

A Halloween treat for my Kindle. (And me of course.)

What scary reads did you read this week?

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