Geek Week Mixoleed (3) - Grueling Depths

School is so grueling. All those endless lessons, demanding tests and litanies of homework, let alone getting up so early...I commute to school so for me "early" is six fifteen in the morning. There's hardly any daylight at that time even! And who had the stupid idea of making swimming a mandatory subject for sophomores? Even with that one day off on Monday when our teachers all went on an excursion I can't remember doing anything else, but schoolwork. However, this all had an advantage though; it made my Saturday one-day holiday even sweeter. I went to a Spa & Wellness facility with my mother to swim and relax a bit. We don't usually get to spend much time together hence it was especially nice.

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Geekish finds:

I found a website loaded full with Doctor Who themed tees. I'll share only my favorites or else this post will arc into the next century.

(Click photo to get to the website.)

Adipose by yuissen

Who quoted by Becpuss

don't blink! by ibx93

I wear a T-shirt now by deelee

Wanna Build A Snowman? by captaintay

Are you my mommy? V3 by Mynameisparrish

allons-y? allons-y. by ibx93

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