Geek Week Mixoleed (2) - Take the Worst and Multiply it by a Billion

Well, this was a particularly shitty week for me. Not the blogging, bookish, geek part, but when I actually have to exist IRL. And that is all I'm going to say about it. For once, I don't want to bore you to death with some lamentation of mine. For second, I really would prefer to not talk about it. I'll only tell you about one thing because it affects my reading; my phone's gone bonkers. All the apps keep crashing down - including the ones that aren't even open. I can't even send a bleedin' text message for Rasillion's sake! But, Cassidie, apart from the very sad fact you can't hang out on Goodreads via your phone, how does that affect your reading? you could ask. Two words: Kindle app.

Yeah. Half the week I couldn't read because I always read my Galleys with Kindle. Wanting is a great force, so eventually I figured out an alternative; I managed to set Adobe Digital Editions into work. But now it's on my tablet exclusively, which I can't and won't take to school with me. 

At least, Sleepy Hollow returned this week and other series will follow soon. Also, this week a good ol' passion seized me towards both reading and blogging which I've lost a while ago in my rush to be near perfect. 

This week on the blog:

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I read this week:


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