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Hey there, Stranger! Long time no see. Or not so long...or at least not for me.

I got pretty sick the Wednesday before last Wednesday and stayed like that for a whole. Bloody. Week. You know the not-even-being-able-to-get-up kind of sick when I slept for sixteen hours a day and in the remaining time I was reduced to merely stare out of my head. I couldn't even read or binge on Netflix - which says something. Actually, it says a LOT. Then I got better, but still had a hard time looking at a screen. However, by then at least I could get the gears up in my head and missing my blog majorly, my thoughts turned on that matter. Which - again - led to some potential alterations.

My blog is still a baby. I published my first post in the middle of February which is just over half a year. However, despite its juvenile age, it's gone through a lot of changes. Content as well as design. And it's for two reasons. 1) I believe I've already mentioned this, but I'm the type of person who delves into things head first. I don't plan. I don't scheme. I do it. Which implies the need of honing problematic aspects and imperfections along the way. This leads to the point 2); It also means that I'm still seeking what I want. My current method is something I like, but I feel like I could enjoy it a lot more, but until now I didn't know what or how. Having had the time to think, I finally realized. I was missing something. Yeah, I love books, but I love gaming just as much and films & series, too. I would love to do movie and series reviews, but I never find place for them on the blog because the bookish posts and memes and features take up all of it. I considered opening a separate blog, however, not only is one enough to keep up with, that's also not what I would like to do. I would like the blog to reflect all three of my hobbies in one. You know like 3 in 1. It works for the commercial industry...:D

For all these, I'll try out something new. I'm not saying it will be a final state. I can't promise such a thing especially knowing myself. But I've got the distinct impression, this will be a positive change and a long lasting one. At least I hope.

But wait. What exactly?

  • no more Writing Wednesday

My heart aches for it, but I've been less occupied in writing lately due to school starting and though I can't say I've run out of ideas, I don't feel I can give enough at the moment. It was also a rather time consuming feature which I can't afford right now. School is the answer again...

  • no more Sunday Suspense

I will miss that the meme gives an extra feeling of belonging somewhere where the owner of all the big and small blogs mingle, but I'd like to create something that suits the new theme better. Such as, mixing gaming and movie news in the weekly recap, but skipping the Next Week part. Apparently, I have such a strong disliking towards schedules that I never seem to be able to fulfill it.

  • fewer memes (in general)

I actually only do Top Ten Tuesday occassionally and Sunday Suspense and I already obliterated the latter so that leaves me with TTT. I'm not planning to give it up as it is, however, I probably will do it even more seldom.

  • fewer book-related posts

I'm not sure if I will do anything else, but reviews, discussions and occassional book tours. It appears as a big minus, but in fact it's not. Apart from the above listed, I did Writing Wednesday, which is not strictly bookish, and Next Week YA Book Releases. So now fuss, yeah?

  • frequent movie and series reviews

Especially book adaptations and Doctor Who.

  • gaming news, game reviews and walkthroughs

This is most likely the biggest change here as gaming is a whole new element to the blog. That must be part of why I'm super excited about this one...
The other reason is that the walkthroughs will be videos. Like, on YouTube. I wanted to debut on YouTube for ages and now I know with what!

  • new design

Frankly, I didn't mean to redesign the blog. I had the original one and I already redesigned it once since then (this year). But with all the differences, the current design simply won't suit the blog anymore.

  • new name

I'm really scared of this one. Aname change is like changing the blog's identity. But up to some extent, that's what I'm doing, isn''t it? The fact that the current name won't work well with the new things says so.

The alterations will take place in the next couple of days, but I don't even try to set up a strict schedule any more. Little chance I would stick to it. However, it will be one change a day that much I can say. The name and design change bringing up the rear.

What is your opinion: do you strictly preserve your blog as a book blog or mix in different things?

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