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Hi, dear Readers! Today, since I don't have any idea to this week's topic of Top Ten Tuesday, I'll be doing the Book Blogger Test. I love filling out things, basically anything except from exam papers, of course. *taps her chin musingly*. More than one blogger tagged everybody - for example Laura from Laura Plus Books - and it sounds much fun so without further ado, here are my answers.

What are your top three book pet hates?

  1. Uneven book height.
    Yeah, I'm not an exception in this. Books with the same size simply look some much better on my shelf.
  2. Stickers on the cover.
    Especially when they blot out the head of a character or part of the synopsis. I get that they can't put them on to all the books carefully, but still; there's plenty of neutral space on that cover.
  3. Covers that feature models who look different from the character they represent.
    It can't be that hard to find somebody at least with the same hair-color.

Describe your perfect reading spot.

I love cozy places - which for me can be only a nice bench in the mall -, but anywhere where I can safely hold a book/my eReader in my hand will do.

Tell us three book confessions.

  1. I don't like many hyped books, like Harry Potter and The Raven Boys, what's more I haven't even read most of them.
  2. I love movie book covers as long as they look good.
  3. I thought Jace had brown hair for two years. (FOR TWO YEARS by the Angel!)

When was the last time you cried during a book?

Okay, so I actually have never cried over a book. And only about three or four times have I wept over movies/tv shows. I know it's weird, but for some reason I can't.

How many books are on your bedside table?

Does eReader count? Because if so, then two. Throne of Glass which I plan to read and my eReader. No, then it's actually eighty-eight, since there are eighty-seven ebooks on the eReader.

What is your favourite snack whilst your reading?

I never snack just because I watch a movie or read, but I do tend to read during meals.

Name three books you would recommend to everyone.


The Mortal Instruments series for its unique world building, North of Beautiful for it changes your outlook of life and Divergent because it depicts something fictional, but rather realistic. 

Show us a picture of your favourite bookshelf on your bookcase.

Unfortunately, that's not possible at the moments as we've been moving places and I had to deposited half of my books to my father's and the other half is still resting in boxes. (My poor books, but we moved from a twice as big house to our current flat and there's just not enough room to pack them out. :()

Write how much books mean to you in just three words.

I would say that 'escape from reality', but I've seen that already on other blogs many times, so I'll go with another one; polish your writing.

What is your biggest reading secret?

I guess I already revealed it; my biggest reading secret is that I never ever cry over books. Never. I'm incapable of it. The tears wouldn't come even when it comes to deaths, main character deaths. It only chucks me into a sort of stupor, sometimes into the hollowness of grieving, but never tears and crying.

Just like Laura, I'm tagging everybody so that if you haven't been reached by this trend, now go ahead. And don't forget to leave the link in a comment; I'm a curious person. ;)


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