Writing Wednesday (1) - Introduction

Why did I start this blog in the first place? Well obviously I love reading, but there is something else. I also love writing. Okay, many blogger do so without doubt and some of them write novels as well, just like me. Which is a subtle bit less common, however nowadays far from unseen, is that I'm at the age of fifteen.
I've been writing, well, ever since I can write and even before that I altered stories/parts of stories I didn't like. Though, for a while these all were fan-fictions. Let's see. There were H2O ones (don't judge me, I was eight), that was the very first one that I actually print out even and showed my parents and friends. There was a male gendered peer of mine who was actually one of my best friends and I showed him, too. He probably didn't like it, though, because he refused to give any kind of remark and I was chasing him all day for even verdict. :D Well, it was a bit gushy for sure. Then later I started watching Stargate and so I started writing Stargate fan-fictions and from then on I wrote fan-fiction of everything I saw or read. And just a few weeks ago I felt a great urge to write something. Something different. Aaaand I came up with my first own idea. Okay, it's not true like this. I did have ideas before, but I wasn't big and experienced enough to put it into reality. However, this time I was ready to make it. And now I have a dytopian world, a whole plot plan in my head, detailed characters and three and a half chapters so far.

But despite this I'm far from experienced and I'm even farther from publish-worthy. Now you can ask why have I been stealing your time with this and what is this title "Writing Wednesday"? It seems like a feature or a meme maybe. Well, it is. It's going to be a weekly feature where I share my experiences, writing tips (not just mine. Nay. Not min for the most part.), and even sometimes if I'm feeling very confident, my writings.

So if you are interested in some writing tips for teens (and not teens), you are welcomed here. :) I also hope that there's going to be some discussion here, but that only depends on you. I only can provide the basic, the questions:

What story you and writing share? What is your writing history?

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