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The Sunday Post
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Until Thursday I had a break from school therefore I had plenty of time to improve the blog in many aspects. I added all the features and memes that can be found on the blog to the Features&Memes tab, updated my social media icons (I made them myself and I'm pretty proud of my first ventures in website designing even if it barely can be called such. :))

Speaking of which I also had the time to do something I'd wanted to for ages. Graphic design and website design have always interested me. My dad is a programmer and probably this has a role in why I'm so into technology, at a time I even intended to be a programmer myself, however, thing's changed and that's not my purpose any more. Yet, it doesn't mean I don't care about it. So with all the free time I got because of the break, I finally had a go into it. 

Anyway, I got organized as well. From this week on, I schedule my posts which means no more delays (for the most part).

Calligraphy Fonts

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Delirium audiobook review 
(My apologies, I promised it to be posted this week, but I didn't manage to finish it. This is my very first audiobook and I yet to learn how to balance between this and my paper format reading in order to proceed with both. Thank you for your understanding. :))

Calligraphy Fonts





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Shattered Veil Cover



  1. Ahh, I love Delirium! It's one of my favourite books ever. :) I hope you'll end up loving it as much as I did. Happy reading and have a great Sunday!

    1. I love it so far! It's brilliant. :) Thanks for dropping in, you too. :)

  2. Just found your blog through the Sunday Post meme and I'm now following you through bloglovin :)

    Finley Jayne

    1. Thank you. I've already been following you, I love your blog. :)

  3. I really like your icons for social networks. They're so pretty. I'm glad you had some time for reading as I had non. Hopefully that'll change this week. Also you're reading some great books right now. I hope you'll enjoy them :)

    1. Thank you. I hope you'll have time to read something awesome this week, too. :) Have a great bookish week.

  4. I love playing around with my blogs, too...(I have eleven!). Enjoy your books....and keeping up with all the blog stuff.


    1. Wow, that's a nice number. :) Thank you. Have a nice blogging week.

  5. I struggle with audio books too and have finally had to admit that the style may not be for me! Sounds like you're doing better than me though. Will definitely have to look for your review on Maze Runner. I've been being tempted by it for awhile now!

    1. I think I love them. At least I loved the first one and I finally figured out when to listen to them so it won't take weeks.
      I'll be as quick as I can, I promise. :) (But so far I'm in awe.)

  6. I still need to read Maze Runner, it's on my short list! Hopefully soon.

    Have a great week!

    1. It had been on mine for a long time, too. I shouldn't have been delaying it for so long, it's something so...different. In the good way, of course. :)

      Thank you, you too!

  7. I like the cover of The Lady Astronomer, and nice posts on dragons last week. Some great info there and I enjoyed seeing the Hildebrandt dragon pic, always loved that one.

    Great blog!


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