Top Off Tuesday 1

Another meme...I promised myself I won't do any more, but it's so cool, I just can't resist. :D

Every week, Amanda @ On a Book Bender, Christi @ Smitten with Reading,and Felicia @ the Geeky Blogger’s Book Blog want to see those Top Off covers that grab your attention!  To play along, share your favorite covers (old, new, or coming soon).  Every once in a while there are covers that just make you say Oh My!  Sometimes it is good, sometimes it is bad, and sometimes it is head scratching.

So let's play a short Twenty Questions. Or rather Twenty Answers. I'll be telling you twenty facts about the book, then leave a comment with your guess and we'll see i you can find out. Are you in? I write out them anyways, and we'll see.

#1 It's an upcoming book.

#2 It will come out in May.

#3 It's the last book of a series, but I won't tell you how many books it consists of. (:P) It would be too easy.

#4 Its genre is (urban) fantasy.

#5 I posted about it not long after I launched the blog.

#6 I (and the 3/4 of the world) am a huge fan of it.

#7 There is a sexy, blond guy in it. (You really can't complain now, I even divulged his hair color.)

#8 Its author loves to torture us. :D I'm kidding. Partially...

#9 Its author used to be famous for her fan-fictions.

#10 It has a nerve-wrecking one-liner.

#11 The books are written in third person.

#12 There is another published books series based on the same idea and several under development.

#13 The author speaks France a little.

#14 The author supports racial diversity and it is visible in his/her (Yep. This one is gonna be your task to find out.) books.

#15 The author is writing under a pen name.

#16 The author has an awesome taste in TV shows. (The author loves Sherlock)

#17 The author's answering questions on Twitter and Tumblr A LOT.

#18 The author has resemblances with her FMC (hair color, and name similarity)

#19 The FMC likes painting.

#20 The MMC playes the piano.

Okay, so let's play. If you can figure it out (or at least you try) I'll share 10 interesting/exciting/suspenseful/beautiful pieces of information/picture of the book. You can guess until Thursday. :) Bye.


  1. I totally feel like I should know this, especially with all the details ;) I want to say .... one of Armentrout's books?

    1. Well, not exactly, but I'm just as big fan of her books as this book series. Here's a little clue: inspect the left sidebar of my blog carefully.


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