Who View (1): S8 E4 - Listen

Me and the Doctor (a preamble to the review series):

I first encountered the Doctor a long time ago when I watched the first season of New Who with my family. However, back then I was too little to really understand the show, let alone the wits of it. Now wonder I didn't become a fan right away. The faithful day befell years later, when with a lot more mature mind, I decided to give it another shot. Best choice of my life! (With only a mild exaggeration.) I obssessed over it after the first thirty seconds (again - only a mild exaggeration) and have been doing so ever since.

My Doctor is the Ninth as he was the one to get me into the show. But later on I came to terms with his untimely out and away and began to like the Tenth Doctor just as much as I did him, though in a different way. Just like he treated Rose with the same affection, yet in a different way.

Rose's been my favorite companion and will ever be. I was so greately saddened by her horrible and absolutely tearjacking leaving that I couldn't abide any other companion at the Doctor's side for years! It happened just recently that I was ready to give the current companion one more chance. She would be Clara Oswald, whom I came to love almost as much as I did Rose and who grew on my in the last few months.

Right now, I'm grieving Clara and Eleventh's affectionate teasing towards each other, but I'm consoled by Capaldi's exceptional acting and Doctor (and dad) skills. And I feel - in this episode in particular - that as we are coming to terms with this clearly quite vast change, Clara and the Doctor are getting used to it as well.


A character centered episode - Great job!

So far in this season, we've travelled in a dianosour, fought clockwork monsters, been in a Dalec's bowels and met Robin Hood. Can't say season 8 is lacking action! Especially regarding the fact that we are only at episode four. However, you know what I missed until now? Well, Clara and Danny's date for once (tick), but more importantly, the character's getting their act together (tick).

If you ask me, the Doctor is still searching himself, trying to unravel his new traits, learning to handle his distinct temper which does not make Clara's job easier accepting and trusting/liking him. They also have some work to do on honing their relationship that went through major alterations since the regeneration.

The last Doctor had a kind of "forbidden romance" with Clara. They never admitted to each other - or themselves for that matter -, but up to a point they liked each other more than simple friends. Then the Doctor regenerated and became a whole new, different man. He's against hugging and touching one another as it is now, which was essential with his previous self. He's not regretful any more if someone dies, he doesn't even shy away from acting selfishly in life or death situations. He barely shows emotions at all, which is very unlike to the Eleventh. It's like he regenerated into his complete opposite.

For this, I very much missed his caring for Clara and I was worried he might not treat her with as much respect and fondness. I have never been this happy in my life that I was mistaken. Though he starts Listen with the same inconsiderate manner as in the last couple of episodes, this Saturday he proved he still cares for his companion - several times actually.

First off, when Clara finally gives in and breaks down a little overher her horrific date with Danny, his face falls so much I thought he was going to have to gather it up from the floor! In one moment he is snickering, in the next he is asking Clara if she was okay. It was so cute! (Something I never ever thought I would call Capaldi's Doctor.) He even does her a favore afterwards and compliments her.

Later on, he shows off his care once more, however, in a less nice way. He basically commands Clara to wait in the TARDIS while they're in danger and when she protests, he snaps at her that either she does as she's told or she can consider herself dumped. Obviously, Clara's not happy about it and though neither was I, I deeply appreciated the motive behind the act. He cares for her. That's more than enough for me.

As for Clara, she was brilliant. I mean, she always is, but this time we got to know more than one side of her in fourty-five minutes and Jenna Coleman pulled all off more than adequately. The witty, bold, unable-to-get-control-over-her-mouth Clara provided us with quite a few minutes of laughter. The loyal Clara, who refuses to leave the Doctor even when there's an impending unknown danger. And the motherly Clara, whose speeches and behaviour was frankly tearjacking. We've seen her being a nanny and a teacher before, but since then she's improved a lot I believe and in this episode, she showed us who she is exactly.

And last, but not the least, Danny. I almost left him out! Shame on me. We haven't gotten the chance to get to know him just yet, but in Listen Moffat made up for it to us. During their date, he revealed much about his true personality and I will have to be honest; he didn't win me over this time. I'm hoping it will change as he appears to becomeing a relevant character, but for now, I found him overly touchy, inhibited and rude indeed. I totally get it; military is a touchy topic for him. But it seems like everything is! His name, when he doesn't find jokes funny, if something's a little weird. Everything. And he makes such a fuss about it! He argues and leaves Clara at the restaurant... Be man for Rasillion's sake!

As for the military topic, it came up once again. It was stressed in Into the Dalek and this time, too thus I imagine it will be a crucial point of the story at some point. And I can't wait until when the secret finally gets unearthed! It seems like it was a major event in Danny's life, something that shaped him into the guy he is now and I want to know it. Who knows? Maybe this will be the thing that will make me like him.

Scary and fast paced - killer pair

This was definitely the scariest episode of the season. Mysterious creatures under the bed, nightmares and something unspeakable at the end of the universe... Some people compared it to Blink and I couldn't agree more.

Moreover, after The Robot of Sherwood which I found a little slow, along with thw first half of Deep Breath, Moffat came to nail the pacing. I doted on the flashback solution - the way Clara remembers the date and tells us about it at the same time. Then a little adventure, date, adventure and more Clara and Danny.

Despite being centered on the characters, it managed to be aboundant in action all the same. Spectacular!


This episode was full of timy-whimy stuff. Back and forth in the time, a little confusing even with all the who said it first, who taught it to who, who was there and who wasn't, why and when. Just what I expect - and had missed from season 8 - from Doctor Who.

Plot hole once, plot hole twice...

So far, it's been a raving for the most part. Well, that's about to change. What bugged me about Listen was the threads left vastly hanging. Who was that creature under/on the bed? Who wrote "listen" on the board? Don't tell me the Doctor really just forgot that he did it. And what was that at the end of the universe? If it had been just the one with the blanket-stealing monster, I could have let it slide, but three. Too many.


I felt like finally Clara and the Doctor really clicked. And I was over the moon for it. I also loved the story and the pacing despite the loose threads. I'd say my favorite episode of the season so far.

What others think:


What are your theories? Who was under the bed? Who chalked "listen" onto the board? And what do you think of Danny?

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