Let's Discuss! Movie Tie-in Book Covers

I know that there have been quite a few articles on this topic and I'm also aware that I was the one who said that it's uneccessary and redundant to post about the same matter on every blog. However, my opinion is different therefore I thought I would share it with you, Dear Readers. Without further ado, I will just start.

In the past few years there has been an aboundance in movie adaptations and as a result in movie tie-in book covers. I personally would say it's not neccessarily bad thing, however, most of you would probably disagree. For some reason, many readers are against these covers. Actually most of them are. There are reasons that I can understand despite the fact that I disagree, such as that they give the feeling that the movie was more relevant than the book, or that the originaly is simply better, or because people will think they read the book because he movie, but there is one I completely can't get; the statement that they are all ugly, (these are my words not theirs), since I found almost every one of them rather beautiful. Of course, seeing something that way is relative, but I'm sorry they don't see them pretty, because I really do think otherwise. I mean, these are just gorgeous how can one not love them? (With this I do not claim they are any better than the original, tough in some cases they are, but definitely not in all):

Of course, there is another end as well:

All in all, in my opinion both the original and the movie tie-in covers are pieces of art and if I could, I would have one copy of both every time an adaptation comes out.

Let's Discuss!

Do you like or dislike movie tie-in book covers? Why?
What are your favorite/least favoorite movie tie-in book covers?

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