Favorite books of 2014 so far (A.k.a. swap again)

I'm so sorry for making a change in the schedule again, but I haven't finished what I'm reading - again. In fact, I'm at only halfway in Days of Blood & Starlight and it already took me half a week with big efforts. Honestly, sorry. I'm a total mess at the moment. One would think she has as much time as she wants in the summer, but really, revising for the language exam takes up a lot more of my time than I thought it would and it being in less than ten days, I'm already very nervous. I'm shaking all over. And not only that, but it also distracts me from everything else, especially reading. My mind keeps wandering off in the direction of the exam which is not a rather benefitial thing with an over 500 paged book with a Days of Blood & Starlight caliber. On the whole, today my 2014's favorite books so far are on the platter and I'm doing my best to post the review on Saturday.

Favorite books of 2014 so far








So that's it. My favs of 2014 so far. Have you read any of them? Which ones did you like? And wha's your favorites of this year so far?

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