Top Ten Tuesday (3) - Top Ten Books If You Like Doctor Who

Top Ten Tuesday is an original feature/weekly meme created by The Broke and the Bookish. It features a different topic every week, when you can share your Top Ten Books in the certain aspect.

I'm a huuuge sci-fi junkie, I love these good, old kind of sci-fi shows and movies such as Back to the Future, Star Trek, Tron, Matrix, etc. Aaaand Doctor Who of course. Seriously, I've seen all the episodes at least 20 times and I just can't stop. (Actually I'm dying to see the 12th doctor right now. He looked so cool in that one minute of his. Also I wasn't a big fan of the 11th so I'd be pleased to see a doctor whom I can love at least as much as I did the 9th and the 10th whom I miss so so much. Okay, and of rambling. :D) However, as far as I've seen, I'm not the only one among all the bloggers and readers here so I'm presenting to you today what you'd probably like if you adore Doctor Who just like me.

First off...

The Doctor Who books. There are myriads of them from numerous different authors with the Ninth Doctor, the Tenth Doctor and the Eleventh Doctor, with our without companion(s), guide books and novels and so on. What is mutual in all of them is the quirky character of the Doctors we know so well and the brilliant stories. My personal favorite is

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but here's the whole list of Doctor Who books ever have been written!

The second is something every sci-fi fan must read. I've never seen so many queer-yet-unbelievably-genius ideas in one book.


Another masterpiece from Douglas Adams...


Then there is....


Another great book of the old sci-fi era is...


James P. Hogan can't be missing from this list of course...


It's probably not the most exciting book in the world, but it does have something to say...


And some books that have been made into movies as well, but all of them are the climaxes of the sci-fi history...




I know, these were very distinct of what the today's generation is reading or even what most of the people reading nowadays, and probably I took a huge risk because many of you might not like my choices, however, I do believe that these pieces of art held a kind of relevance, a kind of meaning that is very hard to find nowadays, especially in movies and tv shows. So I hope you'll give them a chance. :)

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