IT Thursday (1)

Coping with the technology is not always easy even if you know how to do things. It can mean a lot of help, though, to know the basic stuff such as HTML, basic website building, like how to add width, height and color, photo editing so as not to get those kind of pictures which go to 2failed, and using the most useful programs for a blogger, for example Microsoft Office programs, some online social sites and forums etc. So I'm launching my own meme that will be featuring different guidelines of IT every week. They are going to be blogger tips, since I've never had a WordPress site, and I wouldn't like to preach blindly about it. They are also going to be easy to understand because my purpose is it to be comprehensible for everybody. If you have a good tip, too, join the meme and get to know thousands of useful tips from other bloggers. You can learn about the official rules here.

IT Thursday is a meme featuring mostly blog-related technical tips and tricks that are easy to understand for everybody. These guidelines include how to use certain programs or create some sort of HTML code, how to do this and that on blogger (or WordPress) and so on. You can create your own advice, too. If you want to see the official rules click here.

Since I created the site's Grab My Button today, I'll be representing you how to create one. I hope you'll find all the tips useful.

1. First, you create a 225x225 picture, which is going to be your image part of the button, preferably with PicMonkey (it's a very useful photo editor offering a wide variety of tools).

2. Share it on Pinterest or other photo sharing site and grab the URL. Theoretically it should work with Flickr and Facebook as well, however, it didn't to me, so I would recommend Pinterest, but you can try the others, too.

3. Next step is to open this page, which is a code generator, and fill it in.

4. Then open Layout->Add Gadget->HTML/Java Script and past the HTML code.

5. Congratulation! You created your Grab My Button. :)

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