Abbreviations - Advanced Vocabulary of a Reviewer

Today as I was writing the review about Shimmering which book was written by an Indie author. And here we are. If you are brand-new to the review world/book blog, you might not know what's that mean along with POV, FMC, MMC, etc. I was like this first, too so here is my little compilation of what I learned since I started. :)

POV: Point of view. It refers to the character who narrates the story. "Divergent is in Tris's POV."

Indie: Independent author, that is who doesn't publish their book through a publisher, but by themselves. Read more:

FMC: Female Main Character.

MMC: Male Main Character.

ARC: Advanced Reading Copy. Before a book officially gets published, the author or the publisher gives out a copy to people who then have to review it, often within a given time-frame. There are websites as well that help to conduct the book-review exchange such as NetGalley.

OP: Out-of-print. Not too much description required, I believe. Books that no longer being printed.

Pb or Ppr: Paperback.

unpag: UnpaginatedThe pages are not numbered. 

DNF: Did not finish book. Book you did't finish reading, but review though. Reviews generally don't rate it in this case, but mark how many percent they read. E. g. DNF 48%.

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