5 facts you never knew about Veronica Roth

Veronica Roth has given an interview on Movellas.

Let's get to know the DIVERGENT creator

Casually drop these little-known DIVERGENT facts into conversation with your mates and let them crown you DIVERGENT queen. No need to thank us:

  1. Even best-selling authors get scared
Roth gets nervous just like first time writers.  She’s super shy like many of you.  Roth has admitted to having a problem with anxiety and that’s part of the reason DIVERGENT came into existence.  The Dauntless fear landscape is based on the theory that if you come across your fears enough you’ll learn a healthier reaction to them.

  1. Roth believes, “you only have one dystopia in you”
This means she has no plans for another dystopian novel.  But don’t worry, she’s got plenty more ideas brewing in her head!

  1. In the first draft, Uriah, Lynn and Marlene didn’t exist
What?  You can’t be serious?  I know I speak for a lot of us when I say “No Uriah?!  What were you thinking?!”  When she wrote further drafts she wanted to highlight both the good and the bad of the Dauntless faction . . . enter Uriah.

  1. She's abnegation all the way
After going through a few of the factions, Roth believes she would likely belong in Abnegation though she wishes she could be brave enough for Dauntless.

  1. Caleb was supposed to be the main character
Don’t go into shock, but Caleb was going to be the main protagonist originally, not Tris.  Roth even admits that “the first Caleb/Four scenes I wrote were really steamy”. Luckily, she decided there were too many male protagonists in novels already, enter: Tris. 

 I don’t know about the rest of you but I’m struggling to function after that last one. How many of those facts did you know? Got any more? Share them below!

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