Divergent The Movie Review

Hi, guys! Okay, I know it's a book review book, but since it's a book adaptation and so many people had been waiting for it, what is more, it is worthy to make an exception and I am dying to make an exception with it. Long story short, I will be writing a review on it. I hope you will like it. :)

So yesterday, after the last week's suspens, the one and a half hour excrutiating hiatus between school and the film, when I quenched my angstiness with a petit (I don't even think I should mark that I'm being cynical. ><) amount of frozen yogurt, and fumbling through the vestibule of the cinema with a few bags of popcorn and a few cups of rather waterish cola, I and three of my friends finally sat in our seats. Then of course, we had to wait another 10-15 minutes for the film to actually start, but, as usual, I got a few ideas what to watch next this time again. (Transcendence, starring Johnny Depp, somebody?) So let's begin the review, too because I'm starting to feel like those commercials, dancing on your nerves, stretching the time before it staaarts...Okay, I stopped, I swear.

 The starting scene was very impressing, as Tris describes the factions, and implies that she is cherishing some sort of fondness toward Dauntless, it was solved geniously. Chicago got a bit redone however, not in the usual way. Like, instead of an update it got downdated. It was really urban, really dilapidated, really awesome.

However, as in most of the cases, the film has differences from the book. Not as many as it was between The Mortal Instruments: City of Bones movie and book, but still quite a few. It can be either good or bad depending on the movie and on even each person's taste, however as for me in this case some of them worked, some of them not that much, and there were parts I missed or couldn't understand why it had to be altered, yet there weren't any changes what would make me say: 'Nah, it was such a mistake, I won't watch it again.' Let's see some of the relevant omitted scenes and changing.  



  • THE END OF THE APTITUDE TEST with the man was complitely omitted, the scene ends when Tris saves the little girl.
  •  THE STAIRS SCENE, when the Abnegation takes the staires in lieu of the elevator before the Choosing Ceremony was also omitted. 
  • MOLLY AND TRIS'S FIGHT has been reduced to a single smack in the face.
  • THE TOWEL SCENE has fully disappeared as well. 
  • WHEN TRIS'S MOM COMES she doesn't even mantion Caleb or the serum.
  • THERE WASN'T an event when the relatives could visit the initiates.
  • EDWARD WASN'T stabbed in the eye.
  • NO FOUR AND TRIS talking by the chasm. Indeed, their love was much shorter, it wasn't really built-up.
  •  ERIC DOESN'T NOTICE that Tris was gone, therefore there is not scene when Eric intendes to kick her out, but Four helps her.
  • FOUR DOES NOT pull Tris along the hall after the water tank fear landscape, just asks her how she did it, but when she is hedging he doesn't push it.
  • THE PIT FIGHT also has been reduced to a few smacks, thus it was barely anything.
  •  THE WHOLE STAGE 3 was just an exam, and it wasn't told that there are drop-outs at the end of this stage, too.
  • FOUR WASN'T injected with the serum in front of Tris.
  • TRIS DIDN'T GET LOCKED UP in the water tank.



  •  CHRISTINA only had to hang on the railing above the chasm for a few seconds, however I believe it can be ascribed to the timeframe.
  • THE PAINTBALL FIGHT is not a paintball fight, but played with bullets what cause as much pain as a bullet.
  • SPEAKING OF WHICH Christina and Tris snatches the flag together.
  • TRIS'S MOM meets Tris at some kind of volunteer work (at least it is volunteering for the Abnegation), when the Dauntless help the Abnegation with loading sacks.
  • THE WHOLE Tris-talking-to-Caleb-at-Erudite scene.
  • WHY THEY go through Four's fear landscape.
  • FOUR AT THE final exam, a.k.a. stage 3.
  • THE WHOLE END from the simulation on:
           1.  WHEN THEY got caught
           2. TRIS'S MOM'S death.
           3.  WHEN TRIS finds Four.

I mentioned the movie's time frame already. This is one of the tipycal cases, when it would have been wiser to divide the movie into two parts, because as it is, it was just rushing through the scenes, like really really a lot, and I couldn't get enough of Tris and Four's love, certain parts of the initiation, Tris and Peter's fight and the repercussions of it, and so on, let alone the Pit fight, when Tris got abducted.
Rushing, rushing, rushing, it was extremely perceptible.

Moreover, the characters weren't exactly as I had imagined them, not like it would have been a problem, because they were great, although Shailene Woodley (Tris) seemed a little inexperienced even a bit amatour to me, however I think she will be a good actress, she just needs to practise yet. In the book I didn't really like Tris's father after the initiation and that he resented to Tris for abandoning them, the kind face of  Tony Goldwyn make my job seriously difficult. 
Still, who has undergone the biggest change was Four. He was utterly funny and sometimes maybe even silly, and quite open most of the time, basically the opposite of his character in the book, I honestly did like him like this, but some might want the 'original' Four, saying that it is not him, he should be like in the book. I have a little of it in myself, too.

Have you seen it? How did you like it? Please share your opinion with me below.

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